Our current rate is £4.20 - £4.50 per HOUR
(Depending on age.)

This is subject to annual review.

Nursery Education Funding
●    From the beginning of term after your child’s 3rd birthday, they will be funded for 15 hours per week (during term time), through the Local Education Authority. 
●    These funded hours can be used at more than one Early Years Setting. 
●    If you wish your child to attend for more than 15 hours per week, additional fees will be charged at the appropriate hourly rate.

Funded 2 Year Olds
●    Nursery Education funding is available for some 2 year olds, in some circumstances. Further information



●    30 Hours funding for working parents - offered over 38 or 48 weeks of the year.
●    Fees are payable half-termly, in advance, or on a regular weekly basis. 
●    Fees can be paid by cash or cheques (made payable to Highmore Hedgehogs).
●    If paying by cash, we request that all monies are put into an envelope, marked with the child’s name and the amount.
●    If fees are not paid regularly and amounts become outstanding, we reserve the right to withdraw sessions until up to the date payment has been received.
●    All booked sessions must be paid for - even if your child is on holiday, or absent due to illness.